Novel Production Strategies for Biosurfactants

Cellobiose LipidSurfactants form an integral part of our everyday life with applications reaching far beyond our hygienic needs ranging from asphalt over food to fuel additives all the way to compounds with antibiotic activities. We aim at an increased replacement of petro-based surfactants by biosurfactants generated form renewable resources.

Central topics are the identification of novel enzymes and microorganisms for new and more efficient biosurfactant production, understanding of cellular regulatory processes involved in biosurfactant production and consequent metabolic engineering for the improvement of the respective microorganisms also with respect to stress resistance during production, enzyme design combining rational and or evolutionary methods for enzymatic synthesis of surfactants and scale-up of bioprocesses including innovative down-stream processing using membrane technologies and biocatalyst recycling.

ERA IBBioSurf is supported by the ERA-NET Industrial Biotechnology 2nd Joint Call, funded by the respective national and regional agencies.